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 Please see our future litter page for upcoming puppies!

Did you know we go above and beyond the dna health testing that most breeders do?  We also OFA our adults for hips, elbows, trachea, patellas, cardiac and eye certification.  This means we submit xrays to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and have 3 Veterinarians review and score for a rating.  Our adults also get annual physical exams by a veterinarian to ensure everyone can be the healhiest they can be.

We accept $500 non refundable deposits to be placed on our waiting list and we go in the order we receive to reserve a puppy.  You can roll over for any litter withut losing your place in lline until you find your perfect puppy at the perfect time.  We cannot hold a puppy or place in line without a deposit.  Our deposit list gets first priority to reserve before we open up a litter to the public. 


We can deliver our puppies via ground, meet at your airport or ours! ✈️


Message us today for more info or if you would like to place a deposit



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