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We accept $500 non-refundable deposits to be placed on our waiting list.  We go in order received.  You can roll over for any litter without losing your place in line. Deposits are applied to purchase price.  If you know you want one of our puppies its best to get on our deposit list to have first choice!


Dobby - (Frannie x Frost Fire Charming)
Lilac Fawn Merle OFA Chic Certified


(Olga x Enzo)
Chocolate & Tan OFA Chic Certified

Dobby and Archie
Bred for August puppies! They can have Lilacs and Chocolates in fawn, sable and tan points with some being merles (harlequin merles) as well.  Their last litter was amazing!!


Pierogi x Milo

Pierogi - (Shrimp x Archie)
Blue Fawn OFA Chic Certified

Milo - (Olga x Rip)
Blue and Tan


Morticia- (Meeka x Archie)
Blue Trindle

Macs Blue Cheese - (Agnes x Mac)
Blue Trindle
They can have Blue and Lilac Trindles and Blue and Lilac Tan Points

Morty x Cheese


Agnes - Clover Field Frenchies
Blue Brindle Pied

Agnes x Milo -
Pups Born May 16th
We have one boy and one girl available

Milo - Blue & Tan 

Meeka- (Frannie x Hyde)
Black Trindle - OFA Chic Certified


Meeka x Milo
Bred for August Puppies!


Milo- (Olga x Rip)
Blue & Tan
We can expect Blues, Blacks, Chocolates and Lilacs in tan points, solids and trindles!

Mimi - (Shrimp x Enzo) 
Chocolate Fawn - OFA Chic Certified
In heat now and will be bred for August puppies!

Gus -(Frannie x Hyde)
Red Fawn - OFA Chic Certified

Mimi x Gus


Harvey -Chocolate & Tan Harlequin Merle
They can have blacks and chocolates in solid, tan points, pied and merle!


Swiss - (Mimi x Gus)
Black & Tan

We skipped Swiss again and will do 2yr Ofa in October.  She will most likely be bred to Harvey for merle litter in Spring.

Swiss x Flannel


Stella - (Olga x Flannel) Clover Field Frenchies
Chocolate Fawn

Bred for August 1st puppies!

Stella x Nacho


Nacho - (Mimi x Gus)
Chocolate Fawn
They will have a whole litter of chocolate fawns and sables


Pickles - (Agnes x Rip) Clover Field Frenchies
Blue & Tan
 for end of July babies!

Archie (Olga x Enzo)
Chocolate & Tan Ofa Chic Certified
They can have 
Blue & Tan, Choc & Tan, Lilac &Tan, Black & Tan and Cream

Pickles x Archie
Pickles is bred for July 25th babies!


Bean x TBD


Bean-(Frannie x Archie) Clover Field Frenchies
Chocolate Brindle
Fall 2024

To Be Determined

Freida - (Greta x Harvey)
Lilac & Tan

In second heat now (June 2024) but will skip this one.  Hopefully breed December-February for Spring Pups


Freida x Tbd


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